Some of you may have found yourself at the sharp end of a hefty bill should your turbo blower (turbo or turbine) had a bearing over temperature alarm and the running hours for said item be above 15,000 hrs and out of warranty. 

Well not any more……

We are pleased to offer bearing replacements for your Becker RV 2.2320 for a fraction of the cost of a replacement turbine. Granted it might not be the Bystronic way of doing things, but we’re not in business for doing that. Since the turn of 2014 we have done at least half a dozen bearing changes for various customers, all with 100% success.

So if you’ve got a bearing over temperature alarm and your out of warranty, give us a call we’ll have you back up and running in no time at all. In fact you could have a set of bearings changed yearly for the next 15yrs and it wouldn’t cost you the same a new turbo blower from the manufacturer.

HV Module: 

Our philosophy here at MBA Engineering is to deliver highly effective cost saving engineering. Keen to go the extra mile for our customers, we get a huge buzz when we fix a fault at component or board level. This attitude allows us to save our customers thousands a year, its win win. 

Early this year a Bystronic user called us to ask whether we repaired HV Modules with the solid state series found on Bystronic lasers. Our open and honest upfront approach meant our client could proceed on the basis we’d try our upmost to find a resolution. After running diagnosis and in depth examinations we were pleased to return the machine back to working condition without the need for a new HV module, saving our customer just shy of £10,000.

2nd August 2016
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