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Our Team

Bradley McBain

Bradley McBain

Managing Director

Hardworking and committed to very high standards, Bradley strives to make things better rather than simply accepting them as they are. Bradley is fond of cycling and has previously completed the Amstel Gold Sportive in the Netherlands and Coast to Coast in a Day, Bradley loves to ride his bike in the Majorcan sunshine whenever the opportunity presents itself. In 2017 Bradley will ride his bike across the Pyrenees for charity. Bradley is blessed to share his life with his wife Rachel and their two children.

Bradley's most influential quote is;

“If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

Steve Jobs

Adam Ball

Adam Ball

Commercial Director

Adam is a devoted dad to Darcey and loving husband to his wife Rachael, qualified to fly he loves all things Aeroplane and flying. A talented and enthusiastic DIY'er, Adam is currently in the middle of renovating a 100yr old Victorian Town house in Worcester. If Adam isn't working you might see him out running along the river Severn. Adam is an ambitious person and loves pushing himself to the limit and has a strong dislike to dishonesty.

Adam's most influential quote is;

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

Benjamin Franklin

Rachel McBain

Rachel McBain

Marketing Director

Rachel is extremely proud of her two gorgeous, mischievous children. Rachel loves being outdoors with the children and can be often found with her horse or caught taking advantage of the stubble fields. Rachel also likes to drag her family to hunter trials. Rachel’s life and love is her family and the pets, she believes life is too short to hate, with the exception of Marmite and coriander.

Rachel's most influential quote is;

”Being Negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.”

Joyce Meyer

Carol Ward

Carol Ward

Office Manager

Carol loves planning her next travel adventure! In her spare time Carol loves walking and going to the gym. Carol’s most favourite pastime is spending time with her kids when they are back from university. Carol adores travelling, she believes the world is an amazing place. That aside Carol loves returning to her roots in The Isle of Arran with her family. Carol doesn’t passionately hate anything but dislikes dishonesty.

Carol's most influential quote is;

“‘it always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

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