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2012 Bystronic BySpeed Pro 6kW 3015

For fast job processing and maximum productivity the Bystronic Byspeed is a great machine for your laser cutting needs:

•Automatic shuttle table with ByTrans Extended for increased productivity.

•Regulated Pulse Piercing for faster piercing and improved consistency in all materials.

•Reflection absorber for cutting non-ferrous and stainless materials.

•Adaptive optics for consistent beam and focal position across the entire cutting area and automatic focal adjustment from the PC.

•Cut control, increasing the process reliability.

•Automatic edge detection for measuring the exact sheet location.

•Light barrier protection around the shuttle table area.

•Automatic Nozzle Changer.

•Automatic Head Changer.

•Automatic Nozzle Centring.

•5” 7.5″ & 7.5L” cutting heads.

Manufacturer: Bystronic
Type: BySpeed Pro 3015 6kW
Y.O.M: 2012
Laser Source: 6 kW Bylaser CO2 HF Resonator
Working hours: 19552 hrs
Cutting hours: 7518 hrs
Control: ByVision touch screen control
Cutting capability:
Mild Steel, 0.8 – 25mm
Stainless Steel 0.8 – 20mm
Aluminium 0.8 – 15mm

Price:  £200,000 ex works (ex VAT)




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