Basic Tower Sheet Metal 4.0

Are you looking for a space-saving storage system for small quantities of sheet metal and flat goods? Welcome to Remmert!

BASIC Tower sheet metal 4.0 – for small quantities of sheet metal and flat goods

  • Optimal storage solution for sheet metal in small quantities
  • High storage density through compact construction
  • Quick, secure and ergonomic preparation of the materials
  • Suitable for direct placement next to a sheet metal processing machine
  • Intuitive system control using touch operation


BASIC Tower sheet metal 4.0 – our standardised solution for low storage quantities

  • Flexible number of storage levels up to a total height of 7,250 mm
  • Load capacity per pallet: 3,000 kg
  • Loading height per pallet up to 90 mm, loading height for multiple l loading up to 270mm (320 mm)
  • Direct selection of the pallet using a touch panel
  • Half or fully automated (optional) operation
  • Very quick assembly through simple plug and run concept
  • Short delivery time


Convincing results

  • 70 % reduction of storage space
  • 80 % reduction of handling time
  • 100 % material-protecting storage
  • 100 % improvement of material handling for the manufacture process
  • 100 % Remmert quality


Our individual solution for your specific requirements

  • Steel racking with 14-33 (14-26) storage levels incl. protective elements
  • 1 pallet per storage level
  • Lifting traverse with drawing technology
  • Material shelf including end stops
  • Operating mode: semi-automatic
  • Control panel including control technology
  • Assembly by you employees
  • Set up and briefing by Remmert
  • Delivery from factory, fees


Your options

  • Height of 3,365 (4,640) mm to 7,285 (7,400) mm
  • Operating mode: fully automatic
  • Complete assembly by Remmert
  • Delivery free to the door

Technical Specifications

System Dimensions For Basic Tower Sheet Metal 4.0



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