Sheet Metal Storage System Midi

Perfect for anyone looking for a flexible storage system for sheet metal. Fast, economical, custom-made.


Sheet metal storage – only the best for sheet metal and flat steel

  • Compact construction for efficient storage density
  • Fully automatic stocking of all formats (including special formats and semi-finished products)
  • Optimised track system for the storage and retrieval machine (SRM)
  • Robust, self-supporting pallets with maintenance-free track rollers
  • Quick change of material at the operating stations
  • Modular construction of all components
  • Intuitive operation
  • Reduced downtimes for the processing machine


Fast, economical, future-proof

  • Expandable – the system grows with your requirements
  • Layout as a single or double line system
  • Flexible quantity and locations for stations
  • Optional: roof- and wall-bearing construction
  • Optional: integrated weighing technology (permanent inventory function)
  • Optional: manufacturer-independent integration of the processing machines


Convincing results

  • 60 % reduction of storage space
  • 75 % time savings during material handling
  • 100 % planning certainty due to intelligent inventory management
  • 100 % manufacturer-independent, flexible integration of processing machines
  • 100 % future-proof due to a modular system


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